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Laura Pettigrew

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Etruscan warrior is a princess; amazing early Alpine sites in Wyoming; magical curse in Jerusalem; Roman house in Portugal.

Origins of pre-Inca empires; important Mesolithic site near Stonehenge; King Herod burial place remains elusive; massive wooden monument in pre-Viking Sweden.

Mesopotamian clay balls; cave wall handprints apparently made by women; very early Greek stoa; sod house near Barrow, Alaska.

Ancient city appears beneath northern Iraq village; Iron  Age massacre in Sweden; Apache caches push back date of arrival in American Southwest; 9000-year-old defleshing ritual in the Philippines.

Aphrodite head in southern Turkey; Easter Islanders ate rats more than fish; 8000 years of human Alpine use; intact Etruscan tomb

Massive  earthworks and new ceramics in Brazil; Frankish Empire connection in Poland; Cahokia’s massive fire; Roman infantry unit identified in Jordan 


Chain mail of a Roman soldier in Germany; Sarmatian tomb on the Russian steppes; excavation confirms Stonehenge processional road; dismembered bodies in Maya tomb



Revised chronology for ancient Egypt; excavations in norther Quebec; spy photographs reveal barrier on Roman frontier;  Iron Age woolen tunic from Norway



Samurai text in Japan; 4000 year old sheepskin in Scotland; Siberian ring suggests 2000 year old bear cult; Bolivian Amazon shell mounds 10,000 years old



Poison ring in Bulgaria; 3000 year old cinnamon in Israel; spicy European Neolithic food; trove of perishable artifacts on Alaska’s Bering Sea coast



Early gaming set in Turkey; extremely ancient Nevada petroglyphs; Roman emperor’s personal Colosseum; Japanese dagger molds suggest Chinese links



Crusader hospital in Jerusalem; Civil War POW camp; London railway exposes vast history; spectacular Maya frieze in Guatemala.