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Laura Pettigrew

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Ancient gold coin cache in Iraq; mini-dome possibly modeled Florentine cathedral; cosmetics for the dead in Teotihucan; Pompeii graffiti implies social connections.



Antikythera shipwreck site may have two shipwrecks; Egyptian catacomb has 8 million animal mummies; Maya city suddenly abandoned after long occupation; Sudan sculpture of a sylishly plump princess



Hadrian’s art center in central Rome; old flaked stone weapons near Mazatlan; ancient Hebrew temple outside Jerusalem; long-used ancient burial ground in Maryland



Armored Japanese warrior encased in hot ash; Mesoamerican traits in northwestern Mexico cemetery; Ramses III was murdered; remarkable Neolithic carpentry in Europe.



Very old European cheese-making; cauldrons signify Iron Age feast in England; Egyptian embalming tool in mummy skull; 18th Century woodworking shop in Massachusetts



Massive palace complex in China; drought and the end of Sumerian; subterranean Maya finds; Egypt’s largest royal sarcophagus



Stone Age viticulture verified in Turkey, Silver and gold playing cards date back 400 years, Microbreweries aren’t so modern after all, Clay balls were part of Maya kitchens 



Massive Bronze Age gate in Jordan, rock art thieves in California, 8000 year old house in Britain, New World silver in Europe



Maya Malnutrition and disease after the Spanish Conquest, pre-Buddhist graves in Pakistan, new evidence of Civil War battle, excavators on Syrian border witness modern war



Early Neolithic hoard in Serbia, precise dating of Pacific migration, medieval copper in Norway, rainfall decline and Maya collapse



Anglo-Saxon feasting hall in England, 4500-year-old Egyptian princess, cave home on California island, oldest European town found in Bulgaria



Hindu temple remains in Bali, deciphering proto-Elamite, early Maya royal tomb, Neolithic human figurine in Spain