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Resources Guide

Resources: Helping You Get What You Want

Draw upon this area when you want assistance, whether it is for products, information or services. We are here for you.

TAC Marketplace - Your clearing house for films and books on archaeology and indigenous cultures.

Goods & Services - A list of products and services available from our partners.

Member Organizations - We are grateful to these organizations for their financial help as supporting Organizational Members of TAC. We ask you to support these groups.

Film Festivals Worldwide - Festivals celebrating the genre of archaeological film are held regularly in a variety of countries. These festivals provide a showcase for film and video makers and a venue for distributors and the public to examine their work. We at ALI are pleased to post-festival information here for those who might like to attend a festival or submit film and video productions for screening.

Teacher Resources - This information directory is intended to assist teachers in applying archaeology as an instructional tool for their students. You can help us expand and update this compendium.

Web Links - Uncover other great finds by exploring these links to Web sites we recommend.

Film Production - ALI offers film production services for projects that are in keeping with our cultural heritage public mission.

We Can Show and Distribute Your Work - We encourage archaeologists, indigenous groups and film and video producers with suitable content to explore partnerships with us, both to show and distribute your work.


Glossary - A glossary of terms used on this site.

Help - Technical guidance for you to enjoy our media programs.