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Early in 2013, ALI signed agreements with the Federal Highway Administration, the Guam Department of Public Works, the Guam Preservation Trust, and the Guam Visitors Bureau to produce a film about the cultural heritage of Guam.  This project came about after months of discussion between ALI and the Guam Historic Resources Division about the use of film as a form of public outreach occasioned by an archaeological project on Guam, where construction of the Ylig Bridge came in contact with burials at a prehistoric village site.   The project partners agreed that the film would have a transportation theme and tell a broad story about Guam’s native culture and its history .  This was another chance for us to demonstrate that we can tell a story about a place through film that is authentic, informative and entertaining as well as in harmony with and supportive of the goals of tourism promotion.


We sent our film team, comprising Producer Rick Pettigrew and Director Teal Greyhavens, to Guam for six solid days of filming, June 20-25, 2013.  There we met up with our local volunteer Associate Producer, Raph Unpingco, and together we drove more than 700 miles around the 30-mile-long island and captured 21 hours of footage.  Many local organizations and individuals enthusiastically assisted us in this process and we made many new friends.  We got very little sleep and came back exhausted from the journey and the hard work involved, but grateful for the experience and the chance once more to show what we can do.  We will broadcast this filmas part of our monthly cable TV series, Video News from TAC.  In the meantime, watch our trailer!







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