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The National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 (NHPA) was a turning point in the history of archaeology in the United States.  This law required that the implementation of any project using federal funds or involving a federal permit take into account the project’s effects on historic places, including archaeological sites.  To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the NHPA, American archaeologists worked together to produce a series of short films, each one representing a particular state, highlighting the gains in our understanding of the lives of our forebears that would not have come about without that law.



pointtac web

California’s Obsidian Trail

Location: California, USA       Length: 18 min.

In the shadow of Mt. Whitney lies California’s Owens Valley, the deepest valley in North America…

lenapechief web

Archaeology in Delaware: Connecting the Past to the Present

Location: Delaware, USA       Length: 20 min.

This video is an exploration of the practitioner’s personal side of archaeology…

afroamericanworker web

The Avondale Burial Place: A Georgia Section 106 Success Story

Location: Georgia, USA       Length: 16 min.

The Avondale Burial place is an unmarked and forgotten African American burial ground encountered…

sgtgeopearce web

Connecting the Past to the Present through Archaeology

Location: Idaho, USA       Length: 11 min.

On the evening of January 8th, 1944, a B-24 crashed during a nighttime training mission…

nativesknapping web

Kentucky: The Archaeology of Everyone

Location: Kentucky, USA     Length: 13 min.

This video presents highlights on what scholars have learned about Kentucky’s rich cultural heritage…

plantationhouse web

Searching for the Sweet Life: Archaeology at the Chatsworth Plantation Site, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Location: Louisiana, USA     Length: 18 min.

The Louisiana State University Rural Life Museum handled the MNHRP-mandated research…