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Location: Peru         Length: 12 min

The Incan ceremonial and administration site and fortress of Choquequirao, over 3000 m above sea level, was built in the mid-1400s and became the focal point of Inca resistance to the Spanish Conquest from 1536 to 1572...


Location: Oregon         Length: 22 min

The Clatsop of coastal Oregon, descendants of Coboway and Cusculah, welcomed traders from the tall ships and the explorers that came from the east, the Lewis and Clark expedition...

jamestownships web

Location: Virginia, USA        Length: 8 min.

Jamestown Island, Virginia, is the location of the first permanent English colony in North America, but many of the archaeological sites on the island are at risk of being lost by sea level rise and coastal erosion--a threat that extends…


Location: Thailand         Length: 5 min

Through computer reconstruction, a model of an archaeological site may be created from a variety of data and studied, examined and compared as if it were the real thing…

sgtgeopearce web

Location: Idaho, USA       Length: 11 min.

On the evening of January 8th, 1944, a B-24 crashed during a nighttime training mission…


Location: Colorado, Utah         Length: 19 min

Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, a vast plateau streaked with numerous canyons stretches from Cortez, Colorado, northwestward into Utah…


Location: Worldwide         Length: 28 min

This film introduces CyArk, a project of the Kacyra Family Foundation that is preserving the world's most valued cultural heritage sites in three-dimensional digital form…


Location: Turkey         Length: 26 min

In June 2000, the world media gave extensive coverage to the flooding of the Euphrates River behind a dam in southeast Turkey. As the waters rose, Zeugma, an important Roman city containing high quality mosaics, was inundated in the Euphrates' depths…


Location: England         Length: 19 min.

Danebury, one of Iron Age Britain's most significant, impressive hillforts, was built and occupied during the First Millennium BC. In 1969, Professor Barry Cunliffe began an unprecedented 20-year-long excavation of Danebury, which he discusses in this film...


Location: Worldwide         Length: 10 min.

What is carbon 14? What is a radiocarbon date? Is it the same as a calendar date? What does radiocarbon dating measure and why does it take a long time? How does an accelerator mass spectrometer measure carbon isotopes?