Do you have news for the Video News?



Do you have video clips or productions you think we should show on the Video News from TAC?

We invite you to let us know! We will consider video clips between 2 and 25 minutes in length. Each must have an intriguing story associated with it and have some connection with archaeology or cultural heritage, including indigenous cultures. Here are some examples of what we are thinking of:

- A short produced documentary-style video that tells a story without further assistance or interpretation

- Footage from a field discovery illustrating the find and the reaction of the archaeologists

- A news report from a field or laboratory project explaining the purpose, strategy and results of the project

- An interview with a news-maker

- An opinion piece highlighting an important issue

If you have a new idea, tell us about it!

We will select the contributions for broadcast on the basis of these criteria:

How compelling is the story?
How well is the story told? Is it enjoyable to watch? Will our audience like it?
Production qualities of the video
Does the story make a new contribution?
Does the story help us balance our coverage of topics and geographic areas?

We will not accept submitted content that is inappropriate or not consistent with our public mission. By submitting your material, you give us permission to show it both on TAC and on the cable TV channels we select as venues for the show.

If we select your content, we will ask you to provide background information and Web links to help us optimize the value of the contribution for our audience.

To submit your content, first send a short content proposal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Describe what you have in mind and include a short video sample. If we want to review the content beyond that, we will ask you to send us a full-scale review copy.

We look forward to hearing from you!