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The news of the week in audio, brought to you by The Archaeology Channel, is compiled and written by Michelle Hilling of Archaeologica and read by Laura Pettigrew. The audio news is compiled from Archaeologica’s daily news updates. The musical interludes are original compositions by Anthony Pettigrew.

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Laura Pettigrew

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Coins from Alfred ally; New finds at Angkor Wat; Timber sources for Chaco; Major Spanish galleon off Colombia.



Paleolithic drawing of settlement; ancient Floridians and rising seas; search for Aztec burial chambers; earliest lead smelting in the Levant.



Debunking Glastonbury Abbey myths; DNA study on European populations; lost Aegean island and its city found; Mexican cistern burial and the god of drunkenness.



Persian Gulf port; new Monte Verde survey; Greek fort in Ukraine; ancient board game in Chinese tomb



Earliest church in tropical Africa; earliest Neolithic use of honey; new colosseum in Tuscany; rare DNA in Inca mummy



Greek fort in Jerusalem; California military base survey; birchbark letter in Moscow; unplundered Mycenean tomb



Animal foods of Maya social classes; dingoes and Aboriginal female hunters; Mesolithic house near Stonehenge; Acadian church discovery



Viking sword discovery; pre-alphabetic script on Egyptian sherd; Siberian death masks; Medusa head in Turkey



California burial ground skulls; huge settlement cluster in Maryland; Laodicea marble block displays water rules; Stonehenge builders’ feasting site



Germanic tribal leader’s burial in Czech Republic; massacre of conquistadors in Mexico; Ice Age site on Scottish island; mammoth in Michigan



Mummification in Bronze Age UK; mosaic floor in Israel depicts Egyptian city; Bronze Age ritual sauna in Scotland’s Orkney Islands; American Revolution first-day battle



Very old beheading in Brazil; oldest Egyptian leather scroll; necropolis burials in Azerbaijan; Antikythera shipwreck excavations