Conference Program

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Presentation Schedule


Friday, June 25:

9:20 am

True Stories of Moana

Marianne “Mimi” George, Pacific Traditions Society and Holau Vaka Taumako Association

Heu’ionalani Wyleth, Pacific Traditions Society, Anahola, Hawaii



The Making of “Remains”

Joe Day and Jose Rodriguez, U.S. Army, Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency, Los Angeles, California



Native Agency and Cultural Heritage Media: Towards a Collaborative Model

Monty Dobson, Stratigraphic Productions LLC , Springfield, Missouri



AntiquityNOW and the Next Generation: Itty Bitty Antiquity Shows Preschoolers the Fun in Cultural Heritage

Shirley Gazsi, AntiquityNOW, Cranford, New Jersey

Brooke Todsen Whitlow, AntiquityNOW Executive Director, Cranford, New Jersey



Visual Archaeology in Museums of Pakistan

Abdul Rauf Kakepoto, Department of Archaeology, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur, Sindh


Symposium: The Search for Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan: Where We Stand and What Comes Next


The 2015, 17, & 19 Visits to Nikumaroro: An Overview

Thomas F. King, Silver Spring, Maryland



Dogs on Nikumaroro in 2017

Lynne Engelbert, Institute for Canine Forensics, Saratoga, California



Did Gerald Gallagher Unearth the Bones of a Norwich City Castaway? – Part 2

Kenton Spading, St. Paul, Minnesota



Why Is This Funny? Amelia Earhart as a Punchline

Marjorie Smith, 2015 and 2017 Betchart Nikumaroro Expeditioneer, Bozeman, Montana


Saturday, June 26:

Symposium: The Search for Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan: Where We Stand and What Comes Next (continued)


10:00 am

Trips to Tarawa

Jaime Bach, SEARCH, High Springs, Florida



Managing the Medical Risks During the 2019 Expedition

Aaron Arrants, National Geographic Expedition Medic, Jacksonville, Florida



Don’t Dispense with the Dispensary!

Joe Cerniglia, TIGHAR, Uncasville, Connecticut



Will Satellite Imagery Prove to Be the Key in Earhart Mystery?

Michael Ashmore, Roadtoamelia.org, Cowchilla, California



2019 Update on the Search for Amelia

Lynne Angeloro, Canine Forensics Foundation, Sequim, Washington



Reassessment of Acute Environmental Impacts on Earhart’s Final Flight - Part 2

Greg George, TIGHAR Technical Volunteer, Bloomington, Illinois



A Future Direction for Earhart-Noonan Research on Nikumaroro

Richard M. Pettigrew, Archaeological Legacy Institute, Eugene, Oregon


Round Table Discussion


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