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To visit this site is to take a journey into history. The reason is as simple as it is unbelievable: in the forest of Saint-Sauveur, France, fifty craftsmen are constructing a castle following 13th Century techniques. The forest provides them with their building materials: water, stone, earth, sand, and wood. Construction uses no excavator, no drill, no electricity, and no internal combustion engine is in use. Quarriers, stone hewers, masons, and carpenters are working as they would have seven centuries ago as more than 300,000 visitors come each year to watch. It is a continuous, lively, and progressive building yard where towers, curtains, and the keep will spend twenty-five years emerging from the earth. Reinhard Kungel and his film team began working at Guédelon in 1999.




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Length: 84 min. 
Country: Germany
Language: English
Director: Reinhard Kungel
Producer: Reinhard Kungel
Producer Web site: www.rk-film.de 
Distributor: RK Film
Distributor Web site: www.rk-film.de