Refugee huts at Camp Nelson   Excavation site



This documentary film examines what archaeologists are learning about daily lives of Euro-American settlers, slaves, laborers, and immigrants during the 1800s. The storytellers travel to historic sites across the Commonwealth, blending interviews with video, artifacts, archival photographs, and original animation for a fascinating look into the lives of ordinary people of the historic era in Kentucky. The documentary is presented in four segments based on archaeological periods; the Frontier, the Antebellum, Civil War, and Industrial. Each segment features key scientific discoveries made by some of the states' top archaeologists of the past decade.




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Length: 58 min.
Country: USA
Language: English
Director: David Pollack
Producer: Tom Law, Voyageur Media Group, Inc.
Producer Web site: voyageurmedia.org
Distributor: Kentucky Heritage Council/ Kentucky Archaeological Survey
Distributor Web site: heritage.ky.gov/kas


Festival Screenings and Awards:

Premiere on Kentucky Educational Television channels, 2010; Society for American Archaeology Film Competition, 2010; Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting, St. Louis, Missouri, 2010.