A River Runs Under It


 Actors in play at the Watermill Theater    The Watermill Theater



This film takes us on an exploration of the Watermill Theater in Berkshire and its change in uses from a corn mill to a fulling mill, a paper mill, and eventually a theater. Its three hundred year history is represented today through remnants of the past and even a rumor of a ghost. The theater combines the past with the present, creating a great harmony of new and old. As the river flows under it, people flow through it, adding to its ever-changing history along the way. This film also explores the ideas of recording ephemeral actions such as performance in the archaeological record.




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Length: 10 min. 
Country: UK
Language: English
Director: Eleanor Ware
Producer: Eleanor Ware
Distributor: University of Bristol Department of Drama
Distributor Web site: http://www.bris.ac.uk/drama/