Chumpi and Father at Waterfall  Chumpi



This film focuses on the lives of three generations of Achuar, who live in the Peruvian Amazon. A young boy, Chumpi, his father, Secha, and his grandfather, Irar, make an upriver trip to a sacred waterfall, where both adults received their visions as young men. They travel through the tropical rainforest in an adventure into the spiritual world of these indigenous people. Their journey gives insight into the Achuar culture, as they try to continue their traditions while facing conflicts with oil companies and the encroaching industrial world.




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Length: 47 min.
Country: Peru
Language: Spanish and Achuar with English subtitles
Director: Fernando Valdivia
Teleandes Producciones
Producers Web site: http://www.teleandes.tv
Distributor: Producciones
Distributor Web site: http://www.teleandes.tv