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Covered Section of Arslantepe  Stone Sculpture from Arslantepe



The history of Arslantepe in Malatya (eastern Anatolia) dates back to the Fifth Millennium BC. The Italian Archaeological Mission, supervised by Professor Marcella Frangipane, has successfully brought to light important remains that symbolize the universality of Anatolian cultures. Each year Frangipane leaves Italy on a long, impervious, and adventurous trip to the Arslantepe site. The Passion of Memory is the story of thirty years of “unexpected surprises” and important discoveries and of the love for those magical and mysterious places. It is the story of everyday life on the sites and of the relationships that have been established with local collaborators. Once the fieldworkers were farmers, but today their children are university students working to pay their fees and interested in learning the culture and the language of Italy.





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Length: 30 min.
Country: Italy
Language: Italian; English subtitles
Producer: Isabella Astengo, RAI Educational, and Duna Film
Producer website: N/A
Distributor: RAI Trade
Distributor Web site: http://www.raitrade.it