TAC International Film and Video Festival Twilight of a Land



Cree Field Team Field Team in Canoe





November 5th, 2005, would close the doors of the dam Eastmain-1 in northern Quebec, flooding 600 km² of Cree traditional lands. Part of a heritage of world signficance was threatened with disappearance by the flood-waters. In the summer of 2003, a team of archaeologists begin a campaign of archaeological rescue along the Eastmain River. Joining them, young people and elders of the Cree community speak out, affected by their stake in the flood-waters. Becoming involved in the process of excavation, they begin a reflection on traces left behind by their ancestors. As they uncover the vestiges of the past, they go through a process of collective mourning on the ground that is flooded today.




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Length: 52 min.
Country: Canada
Language: English, French
Producer: Jean-Guillaume Caplain, David Denton, Nadoshtin Film
Producer website: N/A
Distributor: Stephanie Pihery
Distributor Web site:



Festival Screenings and Awards:

Land InSights Festival, Montréal, Canada, 2008
Quebec International Festival of Ethnographic Film, Montreal, Canada, 2009