TAC International Film and Video Festival 



Symposium on Heritage Film
1-5 PM, Friday, May 4, 2007
Singer Room
Eugene Public Library
10th and Olive
Eugene, Oregon, USA


Open to all those interested in film making about the human cultural heritage.





Summary of activities:

The Symposium on Heritage Film provides an opportunity for film makers, distributors, broadcasters, indigenous groups, and archaeologists to come together and share ideas and perspectives. The Symposium format will be fairly informal, involving presentations from individual producers followed by a round-table discussion on goals, problems, techniques, and experiences among those who are connected with, or wish to be connected with, the genre of film on archaeology and indigenous peoples.

Friday, 4 May 2007, 1-5 PM


Eugene Public Library, Singer Room, 10th & Olive, Eugene, Oregon, USA


Fee: None required



-- Dr. Kurt Denzer, Director of the CINARCHEA International Archaeological Film and Art Festival of Kiel, Germany: “The Evolution of International Archaeology Film Festivals.”
-- Dr. Richard Pettigrew, Archaeological Legacy Institute, Eugene, Oregon (Festival organizer and producer of The Archaeology Channel):
-- Dr. Guy Prouty, Archaeological Legacy Institute, Eugene, Oregon (ALI Videographer)
-- Peng Xiaolian, film producer from Shanghai, China, and Director of TAC Festival 2007 entry, Red Persimmons: “Red Persimmons: Documenting the Vanishing of an Era”
-- Phil Gross, film producer from Davis, California, and producer of TAC Festival 2007 entry, The Obsidian Trail
Sue Arbuthnot and Richard Wilhelm, film producers from Portland, Oregon, and producers of TAC Festival 2007 entry, Proving Up and Settling Down
-- Ward Biaggne, University of Oregon Media Services Educational Video Group