TAC International Film and Video Festival  The Amphora of Eleusias


The Amphora 
Close-up of amphora showing Ulysses blinding cyclops 



Homer's Iliad has fascinated humanity for millennia, especially the tales of Odysseus and Cyclops. At Eleusis, west of Athens, a proto-Attic funerary amphora from 650B.C. has been discovered that tells these tales in pictures. This film captures the essence of childhood wonder as the images are shown playfully, combined with a soundtrack of traditional folk music from Crete. What is history and what is myth?





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Length: 4 min.
Country: Greece
Language: English
Producer: Eleni Stoumbou
Producers Web site: N/A
Distributor: Eleni Stoumbou
Distributor Web site: N/A
Copyright: (None)