TAC International Film and Video Festival Koguryo Tombs


Koguryo castle reconstructed          Engraving of snake and turtle



The Koguryo State of 37 BC to AD 668 is considered to be the cradle of Korean civilization, but what do we know about it? Beautiful frescoes painted on burial cairns are examined in this interesting film. They depict extensive trade and cultural exchange with numerous states of eastern Asia. They also portray the bellicose, imperialistic nature of this powerful and expansive empire.





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Length: 14:52 min.
Country: Germany
Language: English
Producer: Südwestrundfunk Public Television, with Along Mekong Productions
Producers Web site: www.swr.de   www.alongmekong.com
Distributor: Telepool GmbH
Distributor Web site: http://www.telepool.de
Copyright: 2005 by Sudwestrundfunk


Festival Screenings and Awards:

ICRONOS Festival of Archaeological Film, Bordeau, France, 2006