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 Pregnant woman’s skeleton



In this unusual and haunting drama, Mr. Yaghmaei, an archaeologist excavating in the southern region of Iran with his wife and son, finds the skeleton of a young, pregnant woman containing the fetal bones of her unborn child. While he is still pursuing his excavations, the archaeologist's wife dies of an incurable genetic disease which also afflicts their adult son. Through a series of touching sequences portraying the familial love of father and son, the two story lines mingle, and finally entwine, expressing to us ineffable elements of the human condition.





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Length: 30 min.
Country: Iran
Language: Parsi with English sub-titles
Producer: Orod Attarpour
Producers Web site: N/A
Distributor: Orod Attarpour
Distributor Web site: N/A
Copyright: 2001 by IRIB




Festival Screenings and Awards:

Golden Dragon Award for best film, Krakou Film Festival<br>
Special Film Award winner, Kuang Zhou Film Festival, China<br>
Best Documentary, Yadegar (heritage) Film Festival, Iran<br>
Best Documentary, IRIB Channels<br>
(and prizes in several other festivals)