TAC International Film and Video Festival Prehistoric Saba: Echos from the Present


Saba man blowing conch shell     Archaeologists at a site on Saba


Travel along with archaeologists from Leiden University who have been researching the Caribbean island of Saba for 20 years. Archaeologists Hofman and Hoogland began by investigating Ceramic period sites, but over the years have progressively dived deeper into the past. In this film we encounter them on an Archaic period site, which dates to around 3000 years ago. With help from the islanders, the archaeologists are directed to places where they need to dig. Together they make history, revealing to us inevitable continuities in the lives of prehistoric and contemporary islanders.




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Length: 28 min.
Country: The Netherlands
Language: Dutch and English
Producer: Jimmy Mans, Leiden University
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Distributor: N/A
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