TAC International Film and Video Festival Unearthing the Lost Kingdom of Aratta


Arattan figurine
Arattan vase



In southeastern Iran, a sudden change in the course of the Halil Roud River recently revealed traces of a 5000 year-old civilization on the Iranian Plateau that had been hidden until then. More than 80 archaeological sites have since been identified in the area. Five huge cemetaries were plundered, but the associated housing structures remain untouched. The large quantity of relics found, the cultural wealth of the objects, and the size of the area inhabited suggest an entirely original civilization. Scientists hail this as an important discovery, one which may challenge the common belief that civilization arose from one location in Mesopotamia.




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Length: 52 min.
Country: France
Language: English
Producer: Gedeon Programmes / Marie-Pierre Aulas
Producers Web site: http://www.gedeonprogrammes.com
Distributor: Terranoa
Distributor Web site: http://www.terranoa.com
Copyright: 2005, Gedeon Programmes - ARTE France



Festival Screenings and Awards:

Jury Prize, CINARCHEA International Archaeology Film and Art
Festival 2006, Kiel, Germany
Science Information Prize, Scoop d'Angers Festival, France, 2005