TAC International Film and Video Festival



Symposium on Heritage Film
1-5 PM, Friday, May 23, 2008
Singer Room
Eugene Public Library
10th and Olive
Eugene, Oregon, USA


Open to all those interested in film making about the human cultural heritage.






Summary of activities:


The Symposium on Heritage Film provides an opportunity for film makers, distributors, broadcasters, indigenous groups, and archaeologists to come together and share ideas and perspectives. The Symposium format will be fairly informal, involving presentations from individual producers followed by a round-table discussion on goals, problems, techniques, and experiences among those who are connected with, or wish to be connected with, the genre of film on archaeology and indigenous peoples.

Friday, 23 May 2008, 1-5 PM


Eugene Public Library, Singer Room, 10th & Olive, Eugene, Oregon, USA



None required



-- Vicki Dunakin, SubTerra Productions, and Spence Palermo, Intercultural Images, Eugene, Oregon: “The Making of Hidden Worlds: Underground Rome."
-- Meredith Dreiss and Sharon Edgar Greenhill, ArcheoProductions, Inc., Austin, TX: “The Making of Chocolate: Pathway to the Gods."
Ward Biaggne, University of Oregon Media Services Educational Video Group, Eugene, OR
-- Dennis Ramsey, Eugene, OR: “Documentary Film Adventures in Highland Nepal: Working in the Buddhist Monasteries of the Everest Region."
-- Dr. Richard Pettigrew, Archaeological Legacy Institute, Eugene, Oregon (Festival organizer and producer of The Archaeology Channel): “The Archaeology Channel and Other Online Venues for Heritage Film."
-- Laetitia Dion, organizer of the ICRONOS International Archaeological Film Festival of Bordeaux, France: “Organizing an Archaeological Film Festival in Bordeaux."