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Entering the Subterramean Roman World  Explorers Standing in Passage



Rome, the Eternal City. A destination renowned for its spectacular monuments and epic history. But beneath this bustling metropolis lie the remains of another “Eternal City,” entombed underground since the fall of Rome. These are dark, hidden places, filled with unknown beauty and mystery. In this documentary, a team of explorers and archaeologists embarks on a riveting journey to unlock the secrets of these ruins, as they descend deep into the underworld of Rome, where few have been or dare to go.





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Length: 52 min.
Country: USA
Language: English
Producer: Vicki Dunakin / Subterra Productions
Producer Web site:www.offthefence.com
Distributor: Off the Fence BV
Distributor Web site:www.offthefence.com
Copyright: 2007 by Subterra Productions LLC