TAC International Film and Video Festival Komi: A Journey Across the Arctic



Komi Settlement   Komi Woman with Reindeer



Alexei and Vassili are both Komi, one of the most ancient indigenous people of Siberia. They live with their families on the border of the Arctic Circle, and are the last reindeer herders of this region, as all other Komi have abandoned this archaic and exhausting lifestyle. Each autumn, in order to feed their animals, these two families cross the Urals into Asia to escape the intense winters, returning again in spring when the weather is temperate. This film documents their long and perilous four-month journey with their 5,000 reindeer.





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Length: 52 min.
Country: France / Germany
Language: English, English subtitles, Russian, Komi
Producer: Andreas Voigt, SEPPIA / Barbara Etz Filmproduktion
Producer Web site:www.seppia.fr/ and www.etzfilm.de
Distributor: ZED
Distributor Web site: www.zed.fr
Copyright: none