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Tomb 33 Overview  Statue from Tomb 33



In the Valley of the Dead in Egypt, Tomb 33 is the largest of all tombs in the region. And yet it is not a king’s tomb. Why did Padiamenopea, a librarian for a pharaoh from the 26th dynasty, choose such an imposing tomb for himself? And what was the purpose of the hundreds of meters of frescoes covered with hieroglyphics? One hundred and thirty years after it was first opened by a German Egyptologists, two scientists from Strasbourg, France, attempt to reveal the many secrets of Tomb 33.





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Length: 52 min.
Country: France, Germany
Language: English, French w/ English subtitles
Producer: Thomas Weidenbach, SEPPIA / Indi Film
Producer Web site:www.seppia.fr and www.indifilm.de
Distributor: Upside Television
Distributor Web site: www.upsidetelevision.com
Copyright: 2007 by Seppia, INDI Film, SWR/ARTE, France 3 Alsace