The Disappearing of Tuvalu: Trouble in Paradise




The film documents the earth's first sovereign nation faced with total destruction from the effects of global warming–the 20-square mile South Pacific island chain of Tuvalu. Observation, narration and citizen interviews paint a full portrait of an isolated human community facing gradual inundation on the front lines of a global environmental calamity.





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Length: 75 min.
Country: USA/France
Language: English
Producer: Gilliane Le Gallic
Producer Web site: http://www.der.org
Documentary Educational Resources
Distributor Web site: http://www.der.org


Planete broadcast, Documentary Channel, France, 2004
Ecology and Sustainable Development Documentary Film Festival, Paris, 2004
First Place, Sustainable Development Category, ECOFILM, International Environmental & Sustainable Film Festival, Roubaix, France, 2004
22nd International Environmental Film Festival, Paris, 2004
Second Place, Pollution and Global Warming, Earthvision Environmental Film Festival, Santa Cruz, CA, 2004
2nd International Film Festival of Oceania, Tahiti, 2005 Hearts and Minds Film Festival, Delaware, 2005
Northeastern Anthropological Association Ethnographic Film and Video Festival, Lake Placid, NY, 2005
ECOCINEMA, Greece, 2005
2nd Green Film Festival, Seoul, Korea, 2005
SCINEMA, Festival of Science, Australia, 2005
Plymouth Independent Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, 2005
Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, 2005