TAC International Film and Video Festival Atapuerca


In December 2000, La Sierra de Ataperca Heritage was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  This documentary brings us face to face with discoveries made over the last twenty years in the course of excavations and research carried out in the archaeological sites of that mountain range, which remains the only place in the world where the presence of human life has been continuously documented over the last million years.


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Length: 30 min.
Country: Spain
Producer: Nuria Garcia
Distributor: Madrid Scientific Films

Contact: Javier Trueba, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Festival Screenings and Awards:

First Place – Scientific International Film Festival, Malaga, Spain

Honorable Mention – Scientific International Film Festival, Zaragoza, Spain

Selected – Rovereto  Festival Italy

Selected – Archaeological International Film Festival, Athens Greece