TAC International Film and Video Festival Damming the Euphrates


In June 2000, the world media gave extensive coverage to the flooding of the Euphrates due to the construction of dams in Southeast Turkey.  As the water rose, it buried Zeugma, an important Roman city, and its high quality mosaics into depths of the Euphrates.  Raising debates around sustainable development, the film tells the story of these mosaics as well as that of the people displaced from their towns.




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Length: 26 min.
Country: Turkey
Contact: Selmin Kara, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ajans 21

Festival Screenings and Awards:


     “Icronos” VIII International Archaeological Film  Festival, October, 2002, Bordeaux, France

     18th North-South Media Festival, April 2002, Geneva, Switzerland

     3rd Kubaba International Archaeology Film Festival, March 2002, Antalya, Turkey

     IDFA Docs For Sale, November 2002, The Netherlands