TAC International Film and Video Festival In Pursuit of Lost Time


In Pursuit of Lost Time Conveys the whole adventure of underwater archaeology along the Turkish Coasts since the 1960’s, with footage of the excavations on four wrecks that had been surfaced.  The film focuses on the Institute of Nautical Archaeology (INA) excavation of a 9th century Byzantine shipwreck in Selimiye, Turkey.  The film portrays the personal views of the diver-archaeologists and the journey of their findings to Bodrum Museum where they are ultimately exhibited.




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Length: 48 min.
Country: Turkey
Distributor: Ajans 21
Contact: Selmin Kara, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Festival Screenings and Awards:


     AGON, 4th International Meeting of Archaeological Films of the Mediterranean Area, Athens 2002

     3rd Archaeology Film Biennial, Toulose, France 2001

     12th Rassegna International Archaeology Film Festival, Rovereto, Italy

     4th Boston Turkish Festival, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Boston USA, 1999

Best Film on Excavations

     7th Icronos International Archaeology Film Festival, Bordeaux, France, 2002