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The Tarahumara of Chihuahua, Mexico, are a people at the mercy of a landscape in transformation; standing on the brink of an encroaching reality, one in which the age-old fears of the inhabitants are being realized.  A hamlet has survived, perched in a remote location where its children can grow up and the elderly can die and remain in place.  Here is where the inhabitants of this little hamlet, deep in the heart of Mexico, rely on each other for survival.  Resources are tough and challenging to obtain in such a remote location.  Join the film makers as they capture the story of this place to discover how the inhabitants have survived in the face of resort development by newcomers and to give outsiders an insight into their world.


Screening time: Saturday, May 16, 6:03 pm (Session 4)



Length: 85 min.

Country: Mexico

Language: Spanish with English subtitles

Director: Michelle Ibavaen

Producer: Enedina Molina Mendoza

Producer Web site: None

Distributor: Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía

Distributor Web site: http://www.imcine.gob.mx/





Mejor Documental Internacional del VII Fesatival Internacional de Cine Ecozine, Espana, 2014

Mejor Pelicula Internacional del Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival, Nepal, 2013.

Mencion Honorifica por parte del Juardo, Filmoteca de la UNAM Mexico, 2013

Mencion Especial del Prix Sequences du Documanentairea del Festival Presence Autochtone, Canada, 2013.

Premio del Jurado del Trento Film Festival, Italy, 2013

Mejor Documental Internacional y Premio del Publico del Festival Internacional De Cine y Medio Ambiente,Cinema Paneta,Mexico,2013.

Mejoe Documental Medio Ambiental del Festival Internacional de Cine Barranquilla, Colombia, 2013.

Mejor Documental Medio Ambiental del Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia, Mexico, 2012

Mencion Especial en Premio FEISAL del XXVII Festival International de Cine en Guadalajara, Mexico, 2012.