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Cultural Wonders of Oman

With a 3000-km coastline facing the Indian Ocean, Oman’s strategic location for 5000 years made it a centerpoint of the ancient Indian Ocean trade network interconnecting China and southeast Asia with south Asia, the Middle East, and east Africa. Amplifying its geographic importance in world trade was its reputation as the Land of Frankincense, which was worth its weight in gold in the Classical world. The rich archaeological legacy encompasses civilizations that date back at least to the Bronze Age, as well as much older stone tool sites ranging back to one million years. Once part of the Persian Empire, Oman in the 19th century had its own empire extending from the East Africa coast to the coast of Pakistan. Traveling by 4-wheel drive vehicles, bus, airplane, and even camels, our tour examines sites from all periods of human existence as well as the wonderfully preserved local culture and stunning natural features, such as a waterfall in an underwater cave. Our tour leader is National Geographic Explorer, Dr. Jeffrey Rose, with nearly two decades of experience researching prehistoric stone tool sites and ancient nomadic herders in Oman.

Dates: February 24th - March 4th, 2020

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