October 16 - October 31

Part: A: October 16 - 23; Part B: October 24 - October 31

Day 0 (Oct. 15)

  • Ideally, arrive at Tehran IKA, afternoon or evening.
  • Hotel in Tehran

Day 1 (Oct. 16, first tour day for Part A)

  • Tour Tehran
    • National Museum (Museum of Ancient Iran)

      A wonderful display of ancient and medieval antiquities, including some of the most iconic objects of Ancient Persia.

    • Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran
    • Carpet Museum
  • Hotel in Tehran

Day 2 (Oct. 17)

  • Tour Tehran
    • Sa'ad Abad Complex
    • Reza Abasi Museum
  • Hotel in Tehran

Day 3 (Oct. 18)

  • Fly to Kermanshah
    • Gajnameh near Hamadan
  • Hotel in Kermanshah

Day 4 (Oct. 19)

  • Tour Kernamshah vicinity
    • Bisotun UNESCO World Heritage Site
      bisotun inscription

      A multilingual cuneiform inscription and rock relief authored by Darius the Great, on a cliff 100 meters up a cliff from an ancient road connecting the capitals of Babylonia and Media. The inscription is to cuneiform what the Rosetta Stone is to Egyptian hieroglyphs: the document most crucial in the decipherment of a previously lost script.

    • Taq-e Bostan
  • Hotel in Kermanshah

Day 5 (Oct. 20)

  • Drive to Ahvaz
    • Apadana in Susa
    • Shush Castle Museum
    • Tomb of Daniel
  • Hotel in Ahvaz

Day 6 (Oct. 21)

  • Excursion to Shushtar vicinity
    • Haft Tepe
    • Chogha Zanbil ziggurat

      The best preserved zuggurat in the world, built by the King of Elam about 1250 BC. A UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    • Shushtar waterfalls and historical bridges (including Bridge of Valerian)
  • Hotel in Ahvaz

Day 7 (Oct. 22)

  • Drive to Shiraz
    • Bishapur and Temple of Anahita
    • Chogan Strait sculpture and reliefs
  • Stay in Shiraz

Day 8 (Oct. 23, last tour day for Part A)

  • Excursion to ancient Persian sites
    • Qur'an Gate
    • Tall-i Malyan (site of Anshan)
    • Persepolis (Takht-e Jamshid)

      The ceremonial capital of the Persian Empire, built in the fifth and sixth centuries BC during the reigns of Darius I and Xerxes I and destroyed by the Macedonian army under Alexander the Great in 330 BC. A UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    • Pasargadae
    • Necropolis (Naqsh-e Rustam)
    • Naqsh-e Rajab (if possible)
  • Part B participants arrive at Shiraz Airport (SYZ)
  • Hotel in Shiraz

Day 9 (Oct. 24, first tour day for Part B)

  • Part A participants depart from Shiraz Airport (SYZ)
  • Tour Shiraz
    • Nasir Almolk Mosque
    • Karim Khan Citadel
    • Kolah Farangy mansion
    • Hafez Tomb
    • Sa'adi Tomb
    • Ali-Ebn-e-Hamzeh (Emir Ali Tomb)
    • Eram Garden
  • Hotel in Shiraz

Day 10 (Oct. 25)

  • Drive to Yazd
    • Zeinodin Caravanrsarai
    • Saryazd Fortress
    • Tour Yazd
      • Saheb A Zaman Club
    • Hotel in Yazd

Day 11 (Oct. 26)

  • Tour Yazd
    • Yazd Atash Behram (Ateshkadeh-e)

      This neoclassical building in Yazd houses a flame that is said to have been burning continuously since AD 470. It is cherished by followers of Zoroastrianism, a Persian religion that could be 3000 years old. Fire is a primary symbol of Zoroastrianism

    • Dakhmeh (Towers of Silence)
    • Water Museum
    • Jame' Mosque
    • Old Town
  • Hotel in Yazd

Day 12 (Oct. 27)

  • Nain Jameh Mosque
  • Drive to Isfahan
    • Narenj Castle in Nain
    • Atashgah of Isfahan
  • Hotel in Isfahan

Day 13 (Oct. 28)

  • Tour Isfahan
    • Chehel Sutoon Palace
    • Aliqapu Palace
    • Imam Square
    • Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
    • Imam Mosque
    • Khaju Bridge
    • Royal (Shahrestan) Bridge
  • Hotel in Isfahan

Day 14 (Oct. 29)

  • Tour Isfahan
    • Jame' Mosque of Isfahan

      One of the oldest mosques still standing in Iran, this structure dates back to AD 771. A UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    • Vank Armenian Church
    • Saffron shop
    • Isfahan Bazaar
    • Bookstore
  • Hotel in Isfahan

Day 15 (Oct. 30)

  • Drive to Kashan and Tehran
    • Abyaneh Village
    • Tour Kashan
      • Tepe Sialk

        In a suburb of Kashan sits the Tepe Sialk ziggurat, constructed around 3000 BC, which is about 400 years earlier than the Great Pyramid of Khufu in Egypt. The culture that built this was part of or related to the civilization of Elam.

      • Tabatabaiha House
      • Sultan Amir Ahmed Bathhouse
    • Drive to Tehran
  • Hotel in Tehran

Day 16 (Oct. 31, last tour day for Part B)

  • Tour Tehran
    • Old city of Rey
      • Toghrol Tower
      • Rashkan Castle
      • Rey Castle
      • Cheshmeh-Ali (Shahr-e-Rey)
    • Milad Tower
  • Stay in Tehran

Day 17 (Nov. 1)

  • Depart Tehran from IKA


An educational tour designed and organized by Archaeological Legacy Institute (ALI)

In partnership with Pars Tourist Agency, Shiraz, Iran.

A tour led by archaeologist and ALI Executive Director Dr. Richard Pettigrew.

This 16-day tour, divisible into two equal parts, will lead you through the heartland of ancient and medieval Persia and stop at the most important and iconic places in Persian history. Every night you will stay in a fourstar hotel in one of six key cities.

Part A of the journey begins in Tehran with a series of museum visits, followed by a flight to Kermanshah in the Zagros Mountains. From that city you see the Gajnameh and the Bisotun World Heritage site, featuring highly significant rock inscriptions ordered by Persian kings Darius and Xerxes; and Taq-e Bostan, with some of the finest examples of rock sculpture from the Persian Sassanid Empire. Day 5, on the way to Ahvaz at the edge of the Mesopotamian lowlands, brings you to ancient Susa, capital of the Elamite and Persian empires. You’ll visit Shushtar (the location of the Bridge of Valerian, built by captured Roman soldiers) and the world’s best-preserved ziggurat, Chogha Zanbil. Then, driving southeast toward Shiraz, you visit the Sassanid capital of Bishapur and the nearby dramatic historical sculptures and reliefs. From Shiraz, you venture out on Day 8 to Persepolis and other ancient Persian sites.

Part B begins in Shiraz on Day 9 with spectacular medieval mosques, tombs (including the tomb of the great poet Hafez) and ornate gardens. On Day 10 you drive to the wonderfully preserved medieval city of Yazd, with the Sassanid Saryazd Fortress, Zeinodin Caravansarai, the dramatic Jame’ Mosque, and the Zoroastrian Fire Temple and Towers of Silence. On Day 12 you continue north to Isfahan, said by many to be Iran’s most beautiful city, with its Safavid palaces, mosques, old bazaar, and even an ornate Armenian Christian church. Day 15 takes you through Kashan and its fine old houses as well as the 5000 year old ziggurat of Tepe Sialk, on your way back to Tehran. Your last full day leads you through Tehran with stops at the ancient Silk Road city of Rey and the modern Milad Tower, the sixth-tallest telecommunications tower in the world.

Total Price(double occupancy): $3395 to 3750 for entire tour (single supplement $580), depending on number of participants. Part A only: $2395 to 2550 (single supplement $315); Part B only: $2365 to 2520 (single supplement $315).

Registration fee: $2000 (entire tour) or $1500 (Part A or Part B) to ALI by registration deadline of July 16th, 2022. This amount is included in the total price above. Taking reservations now!

Costs not included: Iran visa; air fare to Tehran or Shiraz.

Dates: Part A: October 16 - 23; Part B: October 24 - Oct 31 (not counting travel days to and from Iran)

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