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Strata - July 2021

abbeycloseup web

Declining Egyptian crafts; medieval French abbey

an old Egyptian market that has been an indispensable aspect of Egyptian heritage...

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Strata - June 2021

paisleyexcavation web

Prehistoric Southwest bracelets; Canada’s oldest army regiment

Dr. Michele Koons digs into the Museum collection drawers to tell us about some gorgeous shell bracelets...

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Strata - May 2021

paisleyexcavation web

Paisley Abbey, Scotland

The Big Dig: Paisley Abbey 2019 documents an 8-week excavation...

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Strata - April 2021

excavatorsslocan web

Aerial survey; British Columbia prehistoric site

This film documents the field and lab research in Slocan Valley, British Columbia...

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Strata - March 2021

chickasaw war archers

Yam festival in Ghana; Chickasaw vs. de Soto

 The Yam Festival, known in the local Ewe dialect as “Te Za,” is a harvest festival...

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Featured Audio

Audio News from Archaeologica, July 18 through July 24, 2021

Image of Babylon’s Last King Found; Clues from Final Meal after 2,400 years; Ancient Roman Road Remnants in Venice Lagoon; Team Studies Climate Change Archaeology. 

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Audio News from Archaeologica, July 11 through July 17, 2021

Lakota shirt repatriated; Greek poet-astronomer tomb in Turkey; Easter Island population crash refuted; ancient Greek feasting site on Cyprus

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Audio News from Archaeologica, July 4 through July 10, 2021

Gabonese burials with front teeth removed; Neanderthal bone carving in Germany; Chickasaw use of captures Spanish metal objects; search for Shackleton ship in Antarctic

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Audio News from Archaeologica, June 27 through July 3, 2021

Tree-ring dating of Bronze Age Italian wooden pool; human waste analysis at Maya city in Guatemala; historic pipe tomahawk returns to Nebraska tribe; Neolithic snake staff in Finland

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Audio News from Archaeologica, June 20 through June 26, 2021

 Oldest known shark attack victim; urban park in Tikal; pre-Neolithic grain reliance at Göbekli Tepe

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