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February 23rd - March 5th, 2020

DAY 0 - Sunday, Feb. 23rd - Arrival day

Airport pickup in Salalah (arrival times vary based on flight times)

Overnight: Salalah / Juweira or similar
Transport: Private Bus

DAY 1 - Monday, Feb. 24th - Dhofar - Salalah City

Lecture #1 - Anthropology of Oman - Dr Jeff Rose

Al Baleed - We start with a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Al Baleed, a medieval port that was once part of the vast Indian Ocean trading network.

Haffa Souq - After a quick stop for a refreshing coconut water straight from the source, our next location is the Haffa Souq.

MEAL 1 - Welcome lunch aboard Omani Dhow

Dinner at your leisure / not included

Overnight: Salalah / Juweira or similar
Transport: Private Bus

DAY 2 - Tuesday, Feb. 25th - Dhofar - Coast & Mountains

Wadi Darbat - Start the day on a picturesque walk through the lush green Wadi Darbat valley, a favorite for all the locals, including camels, cows, and goats.

Ancient Port of Khor Rori - Khor Rori is a freshwater estuary at the mouth of Wadi Darbat, upon whose banks towers the ancient city of Sumhurrum.

MEAL 2 - Lunch / picnic lunch

MEAL 3 - Dinner / The Oasis Club - the favorite hangout for archaeologists and expats in Salalah

Overnight: Salalah / Juweira or similar
Transport: 4WDs

DAY 3 - Wednesday, Feb. 26th - Dhofar - Nejd Plateau

Lecture #2 - Prehistory of Oman - Dr. Jeff Rose

Nejd Plateau - Off-roading through a canyon, along the way we'll see prehistoric stone tool workshop sites reaching back tens of thousands of years.

Triliths - mysterious stone monuments leftover from the Iron Age frankincense trade.

Ribkhut - a small village and home of our Mahri guide and his tribesmen, to experience local cuisine, music, dancing, and storytelling.

MEAL 4 - Lunch / picnic lunch

MEAL 5 - BBQ Dinner with Mahri Tribe

Overnight: Salalah / Juweira or similar
Transport: 4WDs

DAY 4 - Thursday, Feb. 27th - Dhofar/Muscat - Travel Day

Lecture #3 - Neolithic Mythologies / Lost people of Aad - Dr Jeff Rose

Tomb of Job - Visit the alleged burial site of the prophet Job up in the hills overlooking the city of Salalah, before catching early evening flight to Muscat.

MEAL 6 - Lunch / Restaurant Salalah

MEAL 7 - Group Dinner at the hotel / Included

Overnight: Muscat / Muscat Hills Resort
Transport: Salalah & Muscat Bus, Airplane

DAY 5 - Friday, Feb. 28th - Muscat and Wahiba Desert

Morning visit to Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat. We will have a personal tour led by local volunteers to present Oman's peaceful sect of Islam called Ibadism.

Afterwards we take a scenic drive into Wahiba Desert to spend the night amongst the Arabian sands.

Tonight enjoy the sunset from the top of the desert dune followed by a dinner under the stars.

MEAL 8 - Lunch / Restaurant in Al Wasil or similar

MEAL 9 - Dinner at the desert camp

Overnight: Wahiba Desert, Hud Hud
Transport: 4WD

DAY 6 - Saturday, Feb. 29th - Adam / Hajar Mountains

Sinaw - a small market town in the region

Adam - a picturesque mud brick village and oasis

Tanuf - a destroyed mud brick village that headquartered an insurrection in the mid-20th century.

Wadi Tanuf - rock art site, where a mural of five thousand year old petroglyphs lies hidden behind an ancient waterfall.

Jebel Shams - The mountain of the sun. Our hotel this evening is nestled on the side of the mountain, overlooking the plain a thousand meters below.

MEAL 10 - Lunch / Adam

MEAL 11 - Dinner at the hotel / Included

Overnight: Sama Hights Resort
Transport: 4WD

DAY 7 - Sunday, Mar. 1st - Hajar Mountains / Date Palm Plantation

Wadi Al Ain - an archaeological site, which is a series of Bronze Age tombs nearly perfectly preserved along the ridge of a narrow hill.

Bahla Fort - In medieval times, Bahla was infamous throughout the land as a place of sorcery and black magic; some claim that the dark arts were secretly taught inside the walls of the fort.

Misfat al Abryeen - a traditional mountain village located in Jebel Shams.

MEAL 12 - Lunch / Bahla

MEAL 13 - Dinner / Misfat

Overnight: Sama Hights Resort
Transport: Bus

DAY 8 - Monday, Mar. 2nd - Nizwa / Muscat/ The Souq

Departure to Muscat

Morning visit to Nizwa Souq

MEAL 14 - Lunch in Nizwa

MEAL 15 - Dinner at the hotel

Overnight: Muscat Hills Resort
Transport: Bus

DAY 9 - Tuesday, Mar. 3rd - Muscat - Choices

Optional included activities: Wadi Shab hike, snorkeling, dolphin trip, visit to Sur Boat Yard.

Optional extra activities: Scuba diving, opera house, henna for ladies, morning visit to fish market.

Wadi Shab - Jeff will take a group on a moderately difficult hike up the Wadi Shab, ending in a spectacular waterfall inside an underwater cave.

Sur Boat Yard - For those wanting to explore the warm waters of the Sea of Oman, there will be optional snorkeling or dolphin watching trip to chose from.

MEAL 16 - Lunch

Overnight: Muscat Hills Resort
Transport: Bus

DAY 10 - Wednesday, Mar. 4th - Muscat - Souq and Museum

Qantab - a nearby fishing village

Mutrah Port - the waterfront area with its picturesque townhouses and bustling souq

The Mutrah Souq - where travelers will be free to wander the labyrinthine alleyways in search of rare maps, antique Bedu jewelry, and of course, more frankincense

Old Muscat - housing both the Sultan's Palace and the newly built National Museum

MEAL 17 - Dinner / Farewell Dinner at the Sultan's Restaurant

Overnight: Muscat Hills Resort
Transport: Bus

DAY 11 - Thursday, Mar. 5th - Departure

Departure from Oman


The Archaeology Channel Tours: Cultural Wonders of Oman

An Educational Tour Designed for Archaeological Legacy Institute (ALI)

Led by National Geographic Exporer Dr. Jeff Rose

This 10-day tour crosses Oman to seldom-seen but fascinating cultural (and natural!) wonders. Lodgings are high-end, even in the Desert Camp. The journey will begin in Salalah, the old, charming, capital of Dhofar Province, with a lecture about Oman by Dr. Rose, followed by a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Al Baleed, a port once linked to the vast medieval Indian Ocean trading network.

The Land of Frankincense Museum will give a taste of the rich archaeological history of southern Arabia, lunch will be aboard an Omani dhow, and we'll visit the Souq to pick up some frankincense. Day 2 begins with natural wonders and takes us to Sumhurrum, the heart of the Iron Age frankincense trade. Then we off-road to see stone tool workshop sites tens of thousands of years old, mysterious Iron Age stone monuments, and a Mahri village to experience local cuisine, dancing, and storytelling.

After seeing the Tomb of Job, we fly to Muscat, Oman's capital and our base for more adventures and optional activities (e.g., hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, dolphin watching, opera house). Muscat stops include a fishing village, the waterfront area, the Souq, the Sultan's Palace, the National Museum, and the Grand Mosque. Then we drive into the interior, stopping in Nizwa, the old Omani capital, and off-road into breathtaking Wadi Tanuf Canyon to an enigmatic site where a mural of 5000-year-old petroglyphs lies hidden behind an ancient waterfall.

We spend two nights at a hotel nestled on the side of a mountain, overlooking the plain a thousand meters below. From here, we explore a mountain village, visit spectacular Bronze Age tombs and stop at a medieval fort with a reputation for black magic. Our path then takes us through a local market town and into sands of the Wahiba Desert, where we camp and enjoy a camel ride and dinner under the stars.

Our final day leads through the boatyard in the legendary port city of Sur, where traditional wooden vessels are still built, before our return to Muscat and a farewell dinner.

Lodgings: 4-star & 5-star hotels and 5-star Desert Camp

Meals: All breakfasts plus 16 meals included (lunches & dinners as per itinerary)

Total Price: $6500 - $6700 depending on number of participants. (assuming double occupancy; single lodging fee $800 will be added)

Registration fee: $1000 to ALI by registration deadline of November 24th, 2019. (included in total price)

Costs not included: tourist visa, personal travel insurance, airfare to & from Oman, alcoholic beverages.

Date: February 24th - March 4th, 2020

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