Title: Publicity Specialist


Location: Local or online


Hourly Commitment: At least 5–10 hours per week.


Job Purpose: Work with our Publicity Coordinator to get our message and image out to the public through publicity via all available Internet and media channels in order to effectively raise public awareness of who we are, what we do and why they should care.


Description: Because of its long history, its accumulated experience and vast worldwide network and its ambitious vision, ALI is destined to become an influential participant in the world of media.  However, until recently we were seriously understaffed, which means that our people were focused mostly on content development and distribution, fund-raising and other essential work and weren’t able to devote adequate time to informing the public about our activities and accomplishments.  Now we have developed a Publicity Team concentrating specifically on publicity and translating our mission-related activities, programs and prospects into exciting messages regularly transmitted to the public through a wide variety of modes and channels.


Here is your chance to help build and secure the promotional base of a dynamic and growing enterprise.  Your help here will have a direct impact on ALI's productivity and ability to pursue its public mission.  The experience you gain will be directly transferable to other technical positions you may seek in the future.


Key Responsibilities: The Publicity Specialist will work with our Publicity Coordinator to develop and distribute news content about us and our programs through our Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, and Twitter pages, ArchaeoSeek (own own social media site), YouTube, our newsletter, TAC itself, press releases, listservs, and other outlets.  The Publicity Specialist will help create a publicity program designed to excite the public about ALI and what we do and to grow in impact and effectiveness as time passes.


Requirements:  This job requires people who have strong interest and ability in media and events promotion and publicity.  We are looking for people with knowledge in these or related areas, like advertising and marketing.  We expect some measure of on-the-job learning and training, but we want to find people who can take us to the next level of competence and productivity as we move further into the world of digital media delivery.


To Apply: Contact Dr. Richard Pettigrew by telephone (541-345-5538) or e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  A resume is required.