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Abu Haraz is a small village in the middle of the desert in North Sudan.  The construction of a huge dam on the Nile has interfered with the age-old, natural rhythm of the lives of its residents.  The film makers have spent several years with them, observing their vain attempts to turn back fate and stop the construction of the dam in order to continue their way of life.  Struggle, loss, pain, sacrifice, perseverance, and dedication to their natural lifestyle are all evident in this film.


Screening time: Saturday, May 16, 9:18 pm (Session 5)



Length: 73 min.

Country: Poland

Language: Arabic with English subtitles

Director: Maciej J. Drygas

Producer: Maciej J. Drygas/Drygas Production

Producer Web site: None

Distributor: Krakow Film Foundation

Distributor Web site: None





21st Camerimage international Film Festival, Poland, 2013 (screening)

Festival dei Polpoli - International Documentary Film Festival, Italy 2013 (screening)

Cinema Verite - Iran International Documentary FF, 2013 Best Full- Length Documentary

Docudays UA International Human Rights

Documentary Film Festival, Ukraine, 2014 (competition)

24th MEDIAWAVE International Film and Music Festival, Hungary, 2014 (competition)

DOXA - Documentary Film Festival, Canada, 2014 (competition)