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In Pompeii and diverse locations in Italy, some archaeological discoveries, in their different ways, serve to improve our knowledge of perfumes produced and enjoyed in Classical times. Jean-Pierre Brun, an archaeologist from the Jean Berard Center in Naples, and Xavier Fernandez, a chemist from the Chemistry Laboratory of  Bioactive Molecules and Fragrances in Nice, gather their competencies and work together to reconstitute the fragrances of a perfume thousands of years old, based on Italian roses.  This perfume has an intricate history and its unique existence gives an insight into the lives and the overall culture of Roman people in antiquity.


Screening time: Saturday, May 16, 8:16 pm (Session 5)



Length: 28 min.

Country: France

Language: French with English subtitles

Director: Luc Ronat

Producer: CNRS Images

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Distributor: CNRS Images

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