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Chavin de Huantar is a mysterious archaeological site that defines the pre-Incan religious civilization that built it.  It is the source of their civilization, our understanding of their religion and has lent its name, Chavin, to its builders.  By careful study of artifacts and architecture, Dr. John Rick of Stanford University and archaeologist Dr. Luis Lembreras make startling discoveries about the structure of the Chavin’s lives.  Glimpses of the past coalesce into a picture of these mysterious people in The Theater of the World Beyond.

Screening time: Sunday, 15 May, 2:30 pm (Session 7, The Shedd Recital Hall)


Length: 53 min.

Country: Peru and Spain

Language: English

Director: Jose Manuel Novoa

Producer: Jose Maria Morales, Marco Aveggio

Producer Web site: http://www.wanda.es

Distributor: Wanda Films

Distributor Web site: http://www.wanda.es