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A team of artists, visual artists and prehistorians was appointed to oversee the creation of the Pont d’Arc Cavern, a detailed replica of Chauvet Cave. The film follows the Catalan painter Miquel Barcelò as he observes and comments on the work of the artists while they create the reproductions. Going back and forth between the original Cave and the Cavern, the film gives the viewer an exceptional feeling of intimacy with the paintings and drawings. It enables us to feel their emotional power and understand the incredible techniques used by artists in deep prehistoric time. Here, one is facing the works of great masters whose art can be compared to that of Rembrandt and the surrealist, Miro.

Screening time: Saturday, May 6, 1:00 pm, The Shedd Recital Hall


Length: 52 min.

Country: France

Language: English

Director: Christian Tran

Producer: Andana Films

Producer Web site: http://www.andanafilms.com/

Distributor: Andana Films

Distributor Web site: http://www.andanafilms.com/



Audience Prize, International Review of Archaeological Cinema, Rovereto, Italy, 2015

International Festival of Films On Art, Montreal, Canada, 2016

Amiens Festival of Archaeological Film, Amiens, France, 2016

International Festival of Science Documentary Films of Olomouc, Czech Republic, 2016