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An international team of art restorers and archaeologists begin work on the restoration of medieval frescoes inside a network of ancient caves. Faced with local bureaucratic challenges and systemic neglect of archaeological sites, the team encounters a community of shepherds and migrants who have used the caves for centuries and discover a living culture worth preserving most of all. Located near Altamura, Italy, the Byzantine and Latin era frescoes range from 12th to 14th century, but the surrounding cave dwellings date back thousands of years earlier, and nearby Neanderthal remains have been found to be older than 130,000 years. The documentary chronicles the meticulous work of art restorers working on the frescoes, archaeologists exploring the network of caves, and shepherds and farmers in the surrounding countryside‚ÄĒlocals, visitors, and migrants alike, their passions indivisible from one another.

Screening time: Friday, May 4 at 7:10PM


Length: 86 min.

Country: Canada

Language: Italian w/English Subtitles, English

Director: Anthony Grieco

Producer: Anthony Grieco

Distributor: Anthony Grieco

Distributor Web site: redmammothmedia.com