Fourth Call for Entries (issued 12 October 2018)

We invite you to submit entries now for the 2019 edition of The Archaeology Channel International Film Festival, the Sixteenth Annual edition of TAC Festival. This is one of only two international competitions for this genre in the entire Western Hemisphere and a wonderful showcase for your work. Our deadline for receipt of entries is November 15, 2018. TAC Festival 2019 takes place May 1-5, 2019, in the Recital Hall of The Shedd Institute and at the Hilton Eugene and Conference Center here in Eugene, Oregon, USA. To enter, please use our online entry form, or download one here [.docx] with the Festival entry guidelines. Please read the guidelines carefully. We require entries with signatures, which may be sent through the regular postal mail or as electronic (signed) copies via e-mail (either in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF).

For TAC Festival 2018, we received 800 entries, reviewed 176 titles from 45 countries and selected 29 to screen in the Recital Hall. By all measures, this was one of the best groups of films in the history of TAC Festival, which began in 2003.  In the 15 years of TAC Festival so far, we have received entries from 84 countries.  In this coming year, we hope to continue the trend toward ever-improving film quality.

Here are some important facts about our entry regulations and procedures:

  • We rely on you for information about the film. So please be very careful to enter the correct film title as well as the correct information for crediting the film makers
  • We accept all entries, regardless of the topic. Be advised, however, that if your topic does not relate to the human cultural heritage or the human past or the investigation of such subjects, it will be at a serious disadvantage in the competition.
  • For entry review, please send us a digital file of your film.  We accept entries in either the PAL or NTSC TV system.  Inquire with us for our perferred methods of file transfer.
  • Please do not send  DVDs or Blu-ray disks as review copies.
  • To be fair to smaller producers, we have a limit of two entries per producer. By “producer” we mean the person or group of persons who directly made the film. However, it is perfectly acceptable for a distribution company to submit films from two or three or more different producers, as long as these producers are separately identified and credited.
  • Entrant distributors must provide assurance through their signature that the producers of the entered films have agreed to their entry in TAC Festival.
  • Films must have been produced in 2012 or later and must be in English or have English subtitles.
  • You must complete the Film Summary section.
  • If you are interested in making your film available for sale to our Festival audience, please inform us of that and let us know the purchase procedures. If you would like us to assist you in making your film available for sale, please contact us so we can discuss ways to accomplish that.

Please do not delay in sending your entries! Consider that a flood of entries in the last week will slow down our review and notification process, so you can help us a great deal by sending your entries now. In previous years, some entries regrettably were rejected because of errors in entry forms or problems with the film review copies. If you allow plenty of time for these problems to be resolved, you can help assure that you will not be excluded from consideration. Also, we encourage you to make plans to attend the Festival to represent your films and also to participate in our Conference on Cultural Heritage Media.

ENTRY DEADLINE: November 15, 2018. All entry materials must be received by this date. This is not a postmark deadline.



Submission to the 2019 The Archaeology Channel International Film Festival (TACIFF) constitutes an agreement with all Festival terms and conditions, and permission to exhibit the work during the Festival if selected. Entrants warrant that they have the legal right to submit the work to TACIFF, that all statements made in this application are true and accurate, and that all necessary rights and clearances have been secured to exhibit the work at the Festival in Eugene, Oregon, USA.

To be eligible for the 2019 TAC International Film Festival, submitted work must have been completed after January 1, 2012.

Work accepted to screen at the Festival will be programmed in competitive and non-competitive categories at the sole discretion of TACIFF. Venue(s), program time(s) and number of screenings of selected work are also at the sole discretion of TACIFF. The number of scheduling slots available for competitive and non-competitive narrative features, documentary features and short films may vary from year to year.

TACIFF DOES NOT provide screening fees or honorariums for submitted work — or for any film screening as part of the festival’s juried competition. Films not accepted into the juried competition may still be eligible for audience awards, as determined by the TACIFF programming committee.

TACIFF may deny acceptance of any film at its sole discretion. ENTRY FEES, IF ASSESSED, ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

Digital film copies must be provided for submissions to be reviewed by the TACIFF programming committee. If not provided through a specific submission platform, a method as determined on the completed entry form will be used.

Entrants will be notified of their submission’s selection status on or about January 1, 2019.

If accepted, the entrant agrees to provide an exhibition file in TACIFF's required format by April 1, 2019. Foreign language films must be subtitled in English or with English subtitling. Any costs necessary to deliver the exhibition file to TACIFF in the required format, or for any necessary subtitling, is the sole responsibility of the entrant.

Entrant also agrees to allow TACIFF to keep a copy of their submission in the TACIFF Video Bar, should it be accepted as a Festival entry. The Festival Video Bar allows audience members in Eugene to enjoy films that have been submitted and accepted to the Festival, on individual viewing stations on demand, outside of any scheduled screening times. (To opt out of the TACIFF Video Bar, please notify TACIFF in writing by February 1, 2019.)

If the submission becomes an "Official Selection" and/or wins a Jury or Audience Award, TACIFF requests that this be noted on promotional materials. Festival laurels are available to all Official Selections and Award winners.

All materials sent from outside the United States must be sent "free domicile" to the TACIFF office, with all transportation charges, duties and taxes prepaid by shipper. TACIFF will not handle customs clearances, so please be sure to include all of the proper customs documentation required by your shipping service.

Although every possible care will be taken with exhibition material in our possession, TACIFF is not responsible for loss or damage. Please do not send originals, special prints or master tapes.