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Stonehenge is one of the most iconic monuments of prehistory, but surrounded in mystery. Why was it built at this particular site in southern England 5000 years ago? Three thousand years before work began on the first Stonehenge, the same area was inhabited by mysterious hunter-gatherers. Just a mile from the stone circle itself, at Blick Mead spring, archaeologists have been uncovering an 8000-year-old site with a unique stone structure that offers a tantalizing clue to why Stonehenge is where it is. Their unprecedented finds, including tens of thousands of stone tools, change our understanding of these people, their origins and their lives. For thousands of years, they kept returning to this place. Albert Lin goes on an epic high-tech adventure across England and Scandinavia to discover their secrets and to reveal the inheritance they passed on to the builders of Stonehenge.


Length: 46 mins.

Country: United Kingdom

Language: English

Director: Mathew Thompson

Producer: Arrow Media