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“Parizad” has a narrative and poetic look at one of the handicrafts of Chashm Village in northern Iran. The film is about Aunt Keshvar, a woman who weaves geleej while living alone in the village. Geleej is a type of kilim and a hand-woven carpet made only in Chashm. Aunt Keshvar believes that geleej is something extremely ancient. A mythical and charming fairy, Parizad, who lived alone in a cave near her village, taught it to the villagers. Aunt Keshvar relates legends about her homeland and shares information about the role of geleej in the daily life of the villagers.


Length: 24 mins.

Country: Iran

Language: Persian with English subtitles

Director: Mehdi Imani Imani Shahmiri

Producer(s): Mehdi Imani Imani Shahmiri

Distributor: Mehdi Imani Imani Shahmiri