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Along the northern coast of Peru, the remains of more than 300 children and 600 juvenile llamas have been found! They all appear to have been sacrificed in the 15th century, during the time of the Chimu Civilization, the largest empire in the Andean Region before the arrival of the Incas and the Conquistadors. But how, and more importantly, why were these children and animals sacrificed? An international and multi-disciplinary team is leading the investigation on site and in laboratories. Peruvians, French citizens and North Americans are working together to unveil the mysteries and misfortunes of the Kingdom of Chimor. As the evidence builds up in this “cold case,” more and more leads are emerging, as archaeologists investigate the largest known mass child sacrifice in the world.


Length: 90 mins.

Country: France

Language: French with English Subtitles

Director: Jérôme Scemla

Producer(s): Marianne Jestaz

Distributor: N/A