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Location: UK         Length: 26 min

The Fitzwilliam Museum, founded in 1816, is part of Cambridge University, one of the world’s oldest universities, and houses a world-class collection of art and antiquities. In this film we uncover the secrets of four of its most precious objects: Titian’s great, late masterpiece, Tarquin and Lucretia; the 3000-year old coffins of an Egyptian temple official; a rare 13th Century Gothic manuscript that once belonged to the sister of Louis IX of France; and the haunting impressionist masterpiece, Two Women at a Café, by Degas.

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Produced in 2008 by Eye to Eye Television

Copyright 2008 by Eye to Eye Television and the Fitzwilliam Museum

Coffin of Nespawershefyt (Fitzwilliam Museum)

Edgar Degas (Wikipedia)

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The Fitzwilliam Museum

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Private Devotion: Humility and Splendour (Fitzwilliam Museum)

Titian: Rape of Lucretia (The Artchive)