Location: Solomon Islands         Length: 17 min

To the 450 Polynesians of Taumako in the Solomon Islands, reviving their ancestral voyaging tradition is key to their cultural and economic future. The centuries-old knowledge of building and sailing voyaging canoes has been lost elsewhere, but experienced Taumakoan elders are schooling their youth to resume the almost-forgotten practices and share them with the rest of Polynesia. This video, made by the people of Taumako, documents the first voyage of Vaka Taumako, the first voyaging canoe built there for Taumakoans in about 50 years.

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Produced and directed by Esther Figueroa.

Copyright 1998 by The Vaka Taumako Project of the Community of Duff Islands and the Pacific Traditions Society

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Address videotape orders and donations to Vaka Taumako Project, P.O.Box 712, Capt. Cook, HI 96704 USA. Two videotapes, including this video and The Heirs of Lata, are available by sending check or money order at $20.US each or 2 for $35 (includes postage and handling).

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