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Eugene’s Civic Stadium; Chinle Valley Singers in China

(1) Civic Stadium in Eugene, Oregon, is one of the last remaining Depression-era ballparks in the US.  Last used for public events in 2009, it now stands empty, its future uncertain.  This short video is a trailer for a planned documentary on the stadium and its place in the local community.  (2) The Chinle Valley Singers are a Navajo family group who have shared their rich cultural tradition since 1981 in story-telling and in songs and dances adapted from ceremonial contexts.  In 2012 they performed for audiences at the University of Shanghai in China.

Produced in 2013 by Archaeological Legacy Institute

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Bronitsky and Associates

Chinle Valley Singers (Bronitsky and Associates)

Chinle Valley Singers - Family Traditional Songs (Canyon Records)

Civic Stadium (National Register of Historic Places nomination form)

Civic Stadium (Restore Oregon - Most Endangered Places 2011)

Friends of Civic Stadium