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(1) Visitors to the Maritime Historic Trail are invited to explore a series of shipwrecks in the shallow waters of Biscayne Bay National Park in southeastern Florida. (2) Northern Paiute Elder Ralph Burns tells the traditional story of Stone Mother, a tufa rock formation on the east side of Pyramid Lake, Nevada, first in Paiute and then in English. (3) Bombing in the the night of 24 November 1940 destroyed the city center of Bristol, UK. A combination of oral history and archival footage captures the meaning of a city transformed through conflict.

Produced in 2014 by Archaeological Legacy Institute

Copyright 2014 by Archaeological Legacy Institute

Bristol Blitz (Wikipedia)

Bristol Blitzed (Bristol’s Museums, Galleries and Archives)

Maritime Heritage Trail, Biscayne National Park (National Park Service)

Ralph Burns: Telling Place: The Stone Mother at Pyramid Lake (Nevada Arts Council)

Stone Mother (Time Immemorial)