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This show targets an audience interested in archaeology. It explores myths surrounding this exotic, often misunderstood field and acquaints listeners with the contemporary practice of unearthing the human past. Themes range from Dr. Schuldenrein’s own “Indiana Jones”-like adventures in the land of the Bible to his team’s archaeological forensics effort to unearth Kurdish mass graves in Iraq. That undertaking helped convict Saddam Hussein in 2006. Topical issues contribute to the evolution vs. creationism controversy based on updated fossil records and innovative DNA studies. An episode highlights the main funding source for archaeology in the U.S. (Hint: the oil and gas industry). Experts reveal the latest high-tech approaches to buried archaeological landscapes that provide clues to understanding climate change, past, present and future. Indiana Jones: Myth, Reality and 21st Century Archaeology is broadcast live every Wednesday at 3 PM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel.

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Dirty Politics: Archaeology and the 2016 Election

'How Old ARE You Now?': The Dating Game in Archaeology and Science

Creationism vs. Evolution: An Introduction to a 21st Century Debate

Indiana Jones: Myth, Reality and 21st Century Archaeology

Encore: Without a Trace? Rethinking the Place of the Dead in Historical Accounts of the Past

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