Volunteer Program


ALI and The Archaeology Channel could not operate without the generosity and hard work of our volunteers, to whom we express our heartfelt gratitude. Through their excitement and their contributions, these unselfish and skilled individuals make it possible for us to share with all the benefits of archaeology and the diverse perspectives of cultures around the world.

Presented below are our current Volunteer Position Openings and our List of Volunteers.


Volunteer Positions Openings


The duties for all of these positions can be performed on-line, so individuals from anywhere in the world are encouraged to apply. For its volunteers, ALI posts their information (such as resumes, websites and contact information) as they desire on this Web site. Please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to apply for an opening or to ask for further information.



Position: Underwriting Specialist
Duties: Contact and communicate with prospective and existing underwriters. These are companies and organizations that may want to receive credit on our Web pages for their financial contributions.
Qualifications: Marketing experience. Communication skills.



Position: Web Site Developer
Duties: Create new elements and update existing elements on TAC website.
Qualifications: Basic knowledge of HTML. Any CSS, PHP, mySQL and Joomla 1.6 experience is very helpful.



Position: Avocational Group Liaison
Duties: Compile contact information on organizations of avocational archaeologists; make contact with avocational groups; be an information conduit between ALI and avocational groups; explore ways to partner with avocational groups.
Qualifications: Have prior experience with avocational archaeologists, such as membership with a group or experience working with a group on a project.



Position: Research Assistant
Duties: Conduct background research on archaeological and anthropological topics to support content development. Make contact with active researchers, carry out Web research and library research. 
Qualifications: Advanced degree in archaeology or anthropology or demonstrated competence in research activities. Familiarity with computers and the Internet.



Position: Teacher Liaison
Duties: Establish communication links with teachers and teacher organizations; send and receive teacher communications; explore ways to work with teachers to meet their goals as well as ours.
Qualifications: Experience working with teachers. Communication skills. Writing skills.



Position: Technical Assistant
Duties: Miscellaneous tasks as needed. These may include clerical tasks, Web research, editing, or other tasks.
Qualifications: Experience with office tasks, word processing, proofing, editing, and Web surfing.



List of Volunteers



Volunteer Web Site Development Team:


Josh Face



Joshua Smith, Team Leader
Josh lives in Auckland, New Zealand. He may be contacted through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .








Laura LaTona, PB Cert, M.A. (Web Site Developer) 
Laura resides in Buffalo, NY. She may be contacted through her Web Site.







Underwriting Team:


Guy Prouty, Ph.D. (Team Leader and Underwriting Coordinator)
Guy lives in Eugene, Oregon.


Lindsay Flood (Web Researcher)
Lindsay lives in Austin, Texas.


Stacey J. Hood (Web Researcher)
Stacey lives in Virginia.


Chuck Ingerson (Underwriting Advisor)
Chuck lives in Georgia.


Glenela Rajpaul (Web Researcher)
Glenela lives in Altus, Oklahoma.



Membership Team:

Edip Akpinar, M.D. (Membership Coordinator)
Edip lives in Bethesda, Maryland


Judith Swift (Data Entry Specialist)
Judy lives in Monroe, Oregon.


Megan Tyson (Assistant Coordinator for Membership)
Megan lives in Fort Worth, Texas.


TAC Newsletter Team:

Woodeene Koenig-Bricker (Newsletter Editor)
Woodeene lives in Eugene, Oregon.


Amy Diaz (Newsletter Researcher/Writer)
Amy lives in Riverside, California.


Matthew Piscatelli (Newsletter Researcher/Writer)
Matt lives in Northford, Connecticut.


Audio News from Archaeologica Team:

Claudia Hemphill (Audio News Script Editor)
Claudia lives in Moscow, Idaho.


Michelle Hilling (Audio News script writer, Archaeologica.org)
Michelle lives in Huntington Beach, California.


Laura Kelley (Audio News reader)
Laura lives in Eugene, Oregon.


Matthew Piscitelli (Audio News Script Editor)
Matt lives in Northford, Connecticut.


Other Volunteers for The Archaeology Channel:

Dayo Aderoju (Film Festivals Monitor)
Dayo lives in Lagos. Nigeria.


Adam Fish (Audio Interviewer)
Adam lives in Coulee Dam, Washington.


David Russell (Listserve Coordinator)
David lives in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada.


Volunteer Committee for The Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival:

Wendy Ames

Maggie Ball

Douglas Beauchamp

Daniel Cameron

Josh Eddings

Susan de Freitas

Mary Hudzikiewicz

Sue Gorham

Woodeene Koenig-Bricker

Vickie Louis

Susannah Lustica

Lelah Marie

Susan Markley

Deb Merskin

Sandra Rigby


The following individuals also have performed volunteer work for ALI:

Mike Anderson

Tane Bechtold

Laurie A. Beranek

Ronni Blair

Augustine Blay

Debbie Carrington

Scott Carver

Ken Catino

Sam Cheemakoti

Zyanya Correa

Susan Curly

Melissa Darby, M.A.

Kevin Donald, M.A.

Kathy Donoho

Maria Edwards

Lynsey Forrest

Caren Gussoff, MFA

Cristy Harvey

Cassandra Hemphill

Chris Hills

Tom Houston

Stefka Hristova

Tonya Johnson

Jonathan Judge

Ben Kelley

Richard Lamotte

Aaron Martins

Judith McKenzie

Mickie Murin

Cindy Norum

Louis Parsons

Dorthe Pettigrew

Jennifer Pettigrew

Samantha Pettigrew

Julia Poole

Konstantin Popov

Sheri Pulis

David Robson

Kurt Roedel

Murray Sampson

Catherine Savel

Samnang Sen

Angelique Sipos

Wendy Spadafino

Kim Tilma

Gaye Vandermyn

Julie Walker

Carolyn Waters

John Waters

Bob Wenger

Graham Wheatley

Julie Witmer

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